From Trash to Treasure
From Trash to Treasure // Photo by Anna Gorkovaya

From Trash to Treasure

In this fascinating photo taken for Igor Novikov's project "Photoville", the concept of transforming everyday objects from trash to treasure is taken to a new level. A little boy is depicted sleeping soundly on a bed of pillows stylized as Dirol chewing gum, creating an image that is both striking and thought-provoking.

This photo serves as a reminder of the potential that lies within even the most mundane and overlooked objects, and of the beauty that can be found in unexpected places. Through the power of photography, the scene is transformed into a work of art, showcasing the vision and skill of the photographer behind the lens.

This photo is a tribute to the limitless potential of the creative mind, and a testament to the transformative power of photography to capture beauty and meaning where it might not be immediately apparent.

Photo was taken in April 2021 @ Astana, Kazakhstan.